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On every project, Nacap develops detailed participation plans to support local engagement and the employment of people in local communities. Nacap takes very seriously our organisational culture and the development of project culture in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander values are recognised, respected by all members of the workforce and is proactive in engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Nacap applies this philosophy throughout our operations and in accordance with the objectives of its ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan. Nacap seeks to foster workplaces and deliver projects across Australia that respect the cultural heritage of the places where we operate and which enables First Nations peoples in the communities where we operate to benefit from the opportunities that we provide. We aim to enhance our knowledge of First Nations peoples’ histories, experiences, cultures and connections to land. Doing so will grow our understandings and develop a deeper appreciation and acknowledgment of First Nations peoples across our workforce and support a commitment to a reconciled, fair and equitable Australia across the broader community. We will align Nacap’s values of ‘Integrity’, ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Strive to be Better’ in how we reflect, share experiences, grow our understandings and interact with communities. We aim to promote realistic and agile engagement; employment; and business opportunities for First Nations people commensurate with the duration and location of our projects. Through a commitment to work in partnership with our employees, managers and supervisors, suppliers, clients and communities, we will provide authentic and achievable actions that help address the inequities between First Nations peoples and other Australians. Our intent is to use our Innovate RAP as a living document to support us to achieve positive engagement with First Nations communities, gain greater access to First Nations suppliers; increase First Nations employment; and develop the cultural capability and understanding of our workforce.


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